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Oh no! Visitors In The Garden…..Etiquette Of The Garden Visit

Written by Michael King

I first became aware of Michael’s work when I read the book Gardening With Grasses that he co-wrote with Piet Oudolf. It literally shifted my thinking about the composition of perennial gardens.

Michael has been living in the Netherlands for the past 20 years where he works as a garden designer, author and garden photographer. He has recently started a new blog, Perennial Meadows, which I highly recommend.

Michael has written books on flowering perennials, ornamental grasses and tulips as well as dozens of articles on a diverse range of subjects. His latest publication is a series of 6 e-books on perennial meadows.  If you’ve read any of Michael’s books and use them as resources and inspiration (as I do), this latest series of e-books won’t disappoint.  Fran Sorin

Do I really like having visitors in the garden? I certainly look forward to their arrival; rush around making sure everything is tidy, sweep the gravel paths as best I can, fill the kettle and load the coffee filter.

But then the problems begin: if they are early I notice, if they are on time, “why?” and if they are late I think I am not their day’s top priority. In truth I am not sure I really want visitors in my little world. This is the place where I am learning my craft; it is a small garden in constant flux as I dig and replant trying out ideas and learning by my mistakes. For me a few plants wrestling with each other in a corner can represent an idea for a horizon-filling perennial meadow, but the visitor sees it differently. I joke and tell them what a terrible gardener I am and that if a plant can survive with me I know it is something that is worth recommending to others – hmm.


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