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Picture This Winners for May 2011

This month’s contest had a tremendous response.  A big thank you goes to our talented judge, Alan Detrick, who inspired a large number of you, several first timers, to ‘come out and play’. Alan is both a great teacher and photographer….let’s see what he has to say! …..Fran Sorin 

Morning Glory Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue'

Wow!!! Have you seen all the great images submitted? I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful response.

Keeping in mind that this was about lighting, I used four different criteria in the judging. First, I numerically rated the entries. I found a good image and gave it a three. Then I rated every image against that standard. Next, I took all the images that were rated 4 or above and looked for any technical or composition weakness. I then looked for staying power. Each remaining image was viewed multiple times to see if it had ‘legs’ to keep the viewers attention. I waited a day and went through all the entries one final time to see if I missed anything and to make sure I was happy with the results.

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Picture This Contest – Winners for April 2011

A big thank you to Rob Cardillo, judge for this month’s Picture This. As always, he has done a terrific job in facilitating, inspiring and teaching all of us!  Fran Sorin

Here’s what Rob has to say:

Five entries deserve Honorable Mention. In no specific order, here they are with a few comments.

A backlit hellebore by Ellis Hollow reveals intricate leaf venation and a rich burnished color that complements the blossom.


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