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Simple Solutions

I love green peas.  Big fat English shelling peas.  Unfortunately the birds love the young sprouts and I have tried all sorts of tricks to keep them off my little crop.

garden scarecrow

This year I finally listened to my father’s advice and built a scarecrow. Continue Reading →

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Recession Gardens

foundation-border-with-veggies-june-25-07Victory gardens are so last century. Now, according to CNN, at least, the time has come for “recession gardens.” CNN.com picked up a story for their web site from user-generated ireport.com on ‘Recession gardens’ trim grocery bills, teach lessons. I doubt that the stats on the increased interest in gardening will be a surprise to any of us. But the article does raise a good point, about where the people who are gardening for the first time are getting their information. Continue Reading →

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GBDW – Incorporating Edibles Wrap-Up

'Australian Yellow' lettuce in early July and late July

Not much interest in gardening with edibles, apparently -or at least, a less-than-ideal season for the topic – so a brief final post for this month’s Design Workshop. Thanks to those who were able to share links, and to those who’ve been reading them. Maybe we’ll try this topic again during the next growing season! Continue Reading →

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Garden Bloggers’ Design Workshop – Incorporating Edibles

Red lettuce and golden oregano

Flowers may feed the soul, but sooner or later, the body has to eat too. It’s great if you can score most of your food locally, and even better if it’s organically grown, but the ultimate in freshness and flavor has to be from edibles picked from your very own garden. There are all kinds of ways to work veggies, herbs, and fruiting plants into your yard: by creating a separate vegetable garden, herb garden, or orchard that’s designed purely for production, for instance; by organizing your edibles into a handy-for-harvest kitchen garden; or by blending them into your ornamental beds and borders for casual grazing. Continue Reading →

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