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Drip Irrigation

israel-irrigated-flowers-before-resizedThe benefits of drip irrigation continue to be talked about in the gardening and agriculture industries as well as by the media. Water efficiency, conservation of a natural resource and the prevention of run off are just a few of the reasons that drip irrigation has become more of a ‘front burner’ subject in recent years. Yet, I still observe my neighbors (in the suburbs of Philadelphia) almost exclusively using overhead sprinklers for watering their gardens and lawns. And to be honest, although I water minimally, I haven’t made the switch to drip hoses 100% either.

Initially, it does cost more to set up a drip irrigation system but the payoff is a quick one with a sizable reduction in water bills.  So, what’s the reason that a lot of us don’t make a ‘sweeping’ change?  Because it’s easier not to, of course. Old habits die hard, I understand. Could it be that we don’t take the need for water conservation seriously? Or do we think that our actions individually really don’t make a difference? Continue Reading →

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