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What Our Mothers Taught Us About Gardening and Life…with Denny Schrock

I was lucky enough to spend time with Denny Schrock a  few years ago on a trip to Holland  for gardening  journalists. I quickly discovered that he is a multi-talented individual filled with curiosity, a plethora of knowledge on a wide variety of subjects, and a gentle and humble soul.

Denny has been with Meredith Publishing for 9 years. He has edited over 30 books and provides garden content for Better Home and Garden’s website and the digital edition of their magazine and has a Doctorate in Horticulture from The University of Minnesota.

He describes himself as a plant nerd with a low-maintenance landscape that features more than 1500 different perennials, trees, and shrubs on his half-acre in suburban Des Moines.

This is Denny’s story about his mother.

About what she taught him in the garden and life.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.  Fran Sorin

 Did your mother pass down any stories about herself, family members, neighbors, etc. that have to do with gardening?

My mother wasn’t much of a storyteller. I think it mostly had to do with her busy life, raising 6 children, trying to eke out a living on our farm. Mornings started for her at 6 a.m., when she would wake up the boys to go out and help Dad with morning chores. (He was up at 4:30 or 5:00 to start milking the cows.) The boys would finish the morning chores while Dad left to make the rounds with the school bus. We were the last to be picked up on the route. After school, Mom always had several piano students to give lessons to before evening chores.

Denny’s Mother and  Father

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