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7 Reasons Why Making A ‘To Done’ List Will Help You Be More Creative In Your Garden and Life

You may see the ‘TO DO’ lists in your life and garden as a necessity.

The problem is that the majority of the time they make you feel lousy.


The ‘productive you’ writes a list of everything you plan on getting done each day.
If you’re like most people, your list is way too long.

cuttinggarden 1
A Playful and Naturalized Garden


You rarely complete what you set out to do. You feel unproductive, negative, and frustrated….and immediately go to that critical place in your head where you’re ‘not enough’. Doing this effects your quality of work, creativity, and enjoyment in the garden.

Think about it.

If you’re always rushing to get to the next task, how can you possibly be in the moment?

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Why Accepting The Rhythm of Nature Can Bring Joy To Your Life

Gardeners strive for beauty.

We work endless hours, season after season, and year after year. Designing, planting, and tending to our gardens. With the  hope that we can capture some moments of perfection.

Moments where we sigh and experience a sense of ‘something other’ than our regular state of being.

Where the exquisiteness overwhelms us.

purple pink roses up close-53106

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Digging Deep: Imagining (Stage One)

In my last Digging Deep post, we began discussing the process of creativity and the possibility of learning to live a more creative life, in and out of the garden.

The subject of this second workshop is to explore Stage One of the creative process: it is Imagining, what I call the sparks of creativity. Continue Reading →

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Digging Deep: Creativity

Over the next couple of months, I’m  trying something a bit different on GGW. I’ll be exploring the 7 steps in the creative process through a series of posts and creativity exercises based on my book, Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening (now also out in Kindle). Consider it an online “class” whose goal is to facilitate you in learning to be more creative in your life and garden. I hope you’ll participate.

First, a question for you. What is creativity’? It’s simply the making of something  from what was once nothing. Most of us do it without even knowing, in several unmarked ways—from designing our schedules, to fashioning our ‘look’, from writing birthday cards to building a business from the ground up. Lawyers create arguments, lovers create romance, advertisers create pitches, decorators create ambience and parents create everything from learning games to a sense of wonder for their children. Every time we get dressed, make dinner, wrap a gift or have a conversation, we are being creative. When practicing scales on a musical instrument, we can treat it as something we ‘have to do’ or we can go about practicing with intent, finding creative ways to improve our musical skills. There are endless opportunities throughout each day for us to live more creatively.

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