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GBDW – Container Plantings Wrap-Up

Isolepsis cernuua early August 05

Narcissus and Muscari with Helleborus ‘Ivory Prince’ and Viola May 5 06Pots, planters, windowboxes, and hanging baskets: If it can hold potting soil, we’ll stick a plant in it. Some of us have gotten the knack for creating and maintaining amazing container plantings and use those skills to the utmost. Others of us aren’t quite as successful, but we can admire what our more successful counterparts have achieved and try to learn from them. Fortunately, quite a few of our container-savvy readers have generously shared their container-care and design pointers this month, so we should all be in good shape for a more successful container-gardening season. Continue Reading →

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Follow Up On Over The Top Couture Container Gardening

Since there were several queries and comments on my post about the containers at Chanticleer, I mentioned that I would try to contact Dan Benarcik, the horticulturist who is the designer of several of these containers to get his input on the ‘hows’, ‘whats’, etc. I was lucky enough to run into Dan on Saturday at Starbucks where we sat and chatted a bit about how he actually maintains these extravagant creations. Continue Reading →

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Over The Top Couture Container Gardening

I have always been a huge fan of Chanticleer, what was once a private estate garden in the suburbs of Philadelphia that was turned into a public garden in the early 1990s by its owner, Adolph Rosengarten and led by the extremely talented Chris Woods, and in recent years by the very capable hands of Bill Thomas, formerly of Longwood Gardens. One of the many things that Chanticleer horticulturists/gardeners do so very,very well is container plantings. Among all of the other exuberant and edgy planting, in almost any other garden, the container plantings would be swallowed up. But not so at Chanticleer: which is a testament to how container plantings are conceived, designed and planted as individual pieces of art. Continue Reading →

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Focal Point Pots

I’m so enamored with using containers in the garden that I sometimes don’t even bother to plant them. And empty pot can work wonders in the garden. Of course it has to be a good-looking pot, but given that, a container can become an instant ornament in almost any garden scene. All you have to do is drop it into place. Look what this big-big enough for me to crawl into-pot did for Brie Quimby’s Farmington, CT driveway. I love the way the smooth human-made contours of a pot contrast so sharply with the more organic shapes of plants. Continue Reading →

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Spring in Different Parts of The World

I had been forewarned by my children that spring had already arrived in Israel. But when I got off the plane and smelled the orange trees in bloom, I knew I was in for a treat. All it took was a few hours of meandering around Tel Aviv, which is a city constantly in a state of bloom, before I felt as if it were late May or early June on the east coast of the United States.

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