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Plantosaurus Rex

Got your attention ?  Escaping dinosaur at San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers ?  Is this Gardening Gone Wild ?!

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Vantage Point – Looking Up

norfolk island pine, Sometimes we photographers get stuck.  We are out looking for photos and just can’t seem to find anything special.  Often, seeing the garden is just a matter of slowing down and thinking about what it is that excites us.  Other times we just need to shake up our point of view.

As you look around, try looking up, straight up, especially if you have trees.  Photos underneath, looking up, give a sense of majesty.  They force you and the viewer to re-think scale and dimension.

Recently I have been preparing for an exhibit of prehistoric plants at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers and looking for images that, when blown up 10 feet tall, will make the visitors feel they are enveloped in a new environment. Continue Reading →

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Plants at an Exhibition

It is a grand thing when plants become the subject of an exhibit.  I don’t mean in the beds of a botanic garden or decorating a designer’s display at a flower show, but an honest to goodness exhibition, in this case ‘Wicked Plants’ at The Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco

Too often we only think of plants as wild things tamed to suit our needs, either aesthetic or utilitarian.  Gardeners know the reality – that our gardens go wild beyond our control; but never-the-less we rarely think of going to an exhibit of plants – indoors.  Well, we should.  Plants are as amazing as any art form, and as intriguing as any  science exhibit.  Now we plant lovers have a fun show of plants based on the book ‘Wicked Plants’ by Amy Stewart. Continue Reading →

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