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Garden Adventures in Quebec, Part Two

White and red

On a recent vacation to Quebec, my husband—who is not really into gardens—made sure we visited this one.  It was listed in all the guides as a “must-see” for everyone from tourists with just one day in Montreal (we had two) to horticulturists. Comparable to Kew in London and the Huntington in Los Angeles, the Montreal Botanical Gardens encompass 180 acres, display over 20,000 types of plants, and include extensive exhibition greenhouses. Continue Reading →

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GGW Plant Pick of The Month- Celosia argentea plumosa

Feather cockscomb (Celosia argentia plumosa) is an old garden favorite. I’ve used the annual (perennial in USDA Zones 10 to 12) in seasonal displays the past couple of years with great success. Plants provide high-impact color all summer long while requiring little to no maintenance. It’s no wonder cockscombs are a favorite of gardeners and designers!

Seasonal border including Celosia argentea plumosa 'Fresh Look Red', Canna x 'Striata', Cleome 'Spirit Merlot', Verbena 'Homestead Purple', Rudbeckia hirta 'Indian Summer', Mandevilla amoena 'Alice Dupont', Datura innoxia , Codiaeum 'Petra', Verbena bonariensis, Zinnia elegans 'Zowie Yellow Flame'.

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