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Garden on a windowsill

The January to March period in Britain is pretty dreary, its the dark getting you down as much as anything. Flowers growing on windowsills can make such a difference, and given my growing interest in bulbs, there is huge scope for making the most of light windowsills. We’ve got a nice long south-facing one in the kitchen which is ideal. The classic one is the hyacinth which we always get started in September to try to get them to flower for Christmas. Well, not managed that yet, but some started performing in January. The scent is fantastic and they last for weeks; and there are some good new colors too, like dark purples. Continue Reading →

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Written by Tovah Martin

Turning heads isn’t a cakewalk in my little New England town. Take the tulips, for example. Less than 200, and you’re whistling in the dark. Sure, I get the occasional glad hand. But it takes numbers to raise the eyebrows. I claim that I don’t care, but when the first Schnauzer came down the driveway to pay his compliments, that was big. You’re wondering why I’m seemingly such a slave to neighborhood recognition, aren’t you? Well, whether they love it or hate it is not important. What’s critical is that they notice it. I’m just like Lady Gaga in that  way.



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GBDW – Designing with Bulbs Wrap-Up

Viburnum Onondaga Allium Mt. Everest Atriplex heucheras Verbascum thapsus May 26 06

Many thanks to those of you who peeled yourselves away from your garden to take part in this month’s Design Workshop. You’ve shared some great posts with how-to tips and inspiring ideas, just in time for those of us planning our fall bulb orders. Now, let’s get on to the links: Continue Reading →

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Garden Bloggers Design Workshop – Designing with Bulbs

Lilium Black Dragon Aug 2 08

Lilium 'Black Dragon'

It’s finally July, and time for a GBDW topic that I’ve been looking forward to for months: designing with bulbs. Thanks to Craig of Ellis Hollow for suggesting this month’s theme. The only problem is that there are so many ways to enjoy bulbs in the garden, it’s tough to know where to start! I found so many bulb photos in my archives that I decided to mostly let the plants speak for themselves. So, how do I love bulbs? Let me count the ways. Continue Reading →

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Point of View Photographs

Tulipa saxatilis my garden 2.21.09

Tulipa saxatilis or Crocus 'Tricolor' ? (see comments) 2.21.09

What is the point of a photograph ? I ask this question every time I click the shutter. Why am I taking this picture and what am I trying to say ? This is one of the fundamental keys to taking a good garden photograph. The reason to take the picture may be a simple documentation of what the garden looks like on any given day, but more often for me, as a professional garden photographer, I need to have a point of view. I want to communicate an idea, a feeling, or an impression. Continue Reading →

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