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Written by Tovah Martin

We are thrilled to have Tovah Martin contributing to Gardening Gone Wild. She is a freelance writer, lecturer, and author of over a dozen garden books including the recently published The New Terrarium. Tovah says that she has a problem with bulbs. It’s called obsession. The fires of infatuation were fanned when she chronicled Piet Oudolf and Jacqueline van der Kloet’s New York Botanical Garden installation for Seasonal Walk at NYBG. And multiple trips to Holland only made her heart race faster into the bulbosphere. Read more about what Tovah’s up to on her website. Fran Sorin

DSC_0641.JPG-allium Shoulders hunched, hood up, muffler enwrapped, I saw the flashlight coming up behind me. So I fell into step with my neighbor on our evening walk. Briefly, we exchanged pleasantries. Then she got immediately to the grit. “So,” she wanted to know, “you’ve been digging…” and she let it dangle. I knew what she was hinting at. I knew what was on her mind. “2,250 bulbs,” is all I answered. “Wait and see.”

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Favorite Seed and Plant Mail Order Sources: From our GGW Contributors

It’s that time of year again when the frenzy of purchasing seeds from catalogs and the pondering about what plants to order from mail-order catalogs grab our attention. So, I asked each of our Regular Contributors at GGW to offer up their ‘best of the best’  sources. Below is the GGW list. Continue Reading →

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Unexpected Delights – Gladiolus In My Garden

‘Flevo Party’ gladiolusUntil a few years ago, glads definitely wouldn’t have appeared on my list of top 10 (or 50, or even 100) plants. If I thought of them at all, I pictured rows of long-stemmed, huge-flowered spikes leaning at precarious angles, with color that lasted all of about two days. I do like the look of them in arrangements, but for garden interest? Forget it. Well, have you ever heard the saying “Never name the well at which you will not drink”? As soon as I say I don’t like a particular plant, it seems I’m invariably required to admit I was wrong. There’s simply nothing like a garden to keep one humble.

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