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The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

Note from Fran: We’re thrilled to welcome a new Guest Contributor to GGW, Chris Woods. Over the course of his twenty year tenure at Chanticleer, Chris transformed what was one a private estate garden into an exuberant, knock your socks off  public pleasure garden. After stints as Executive Director of  Mendicino Coast Botanical Garden,  Van Dusen Botanical Garden, Ojai Valley Land Conservancy and Santa Barbara Conservancy, Chris has branched out on his own and as usual, is wearing several hats; plant conservation being one of them. You can learn more about Chris on his website.

Pause, if you will, to think about the world’s plants. It is estimated that one-third of plants on this planet are now endangered. From the teak trees of Myanmar to the Manzanita of California, plants are being eliminated due to rapacious greed, human over-population and consequent loss of habitat.


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