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Garden Bloggers’ Idea Gallery Updates

Forsythia viridissima Kumson Jan 17 08

I appreciate all of the feedback that many of you have shared about the Garden Bloggers’ Idea Gallery. This resource is only as good as the posts you all write about the art of garden blogging, so I’m thrilled that you keep posting and sending me links. Here are a bunch of links that have been added over the past month.

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Garden Bloggers’ Idea Gallery – Updates


Thanks to all of you who have visited the Garden Bloggers’ Idea Gallery over the past few weeks. From the public and private comments, it sounds like many of you are finding it as useful as I’d hoped. I intended to activate one new page every few weeks, but several came together sooner than I expected, so I’ve been gradually adding them to the lineup. You can now visit all of the following pages: Continue Reading →

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The Garden Bloggers’ Idea Gallery


Those of you who pay close attention to your blog stats may have noticed some unusual activity in your archives recently. That was probably me. For the past few weeks, I’ve been power-lurking through the garden blogosphere, rummaging through past posts, sorting through tags*, looking at your photos, and reading stuff that you’ve probably forgotten that you ever wrote. I’m pretty sure I put everything back  in its proper place, so maybe you didn’t even notice I was there, but now you know. And now you’ll know why: I was gathering links for our newest feature at Gardening Gone Wild: The Garden Bloggers’ Idea Gallery. Continue Reading →

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