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2 Outstanding FloweringTrees at Hidden City Garden

Written by Harry Pierik

I’m always delighted to receive a post from Harry on the seasonal changes in his HIdden City Garden. In this article, he ‘wows’ us with  2 magnificent spring flowering trees …Davidia involucrata and Cornus nutallii.

To read Harry’s last post about his garden in early spring, click on here. Check out  Harry’s website to learn more about his garden, design work, and recently published book.  Fran Sorin

“In this article I would like to show you two prominent spring bloomers that grace my hidden city garden. They both stand out because of their bright white bracts, with which they lure insects to their much more inconspicuous flowers.


Cornus nuttallii’s white flowers are beautifully highlighted against the surrounding shrubs and trees.

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