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Succulent Watercolor Calendar Giveaway

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  Like photography, watercolor is all about light. When saturated paint right out of the tube is diluted with liquid light (clear water), then brushed onto bright white paper and allowed to dry, the resulting image positively glows. I discovered this in December of my 16th year, when I decided to do a watercolor based on a photo my mother loved [...]

The Easy Way to Paint Watercolors

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2012 Calendar 1

  Several years ago, I met artist Diane Palley McDonald while doing an article about her studio's makeover for the San Diego Union-Tribune. (The news angle was that it was on HGTV's "Designer's Challenge.") When I saw Diane's paintings, I wistfully told her how much I loved watercolors. She asked, "Well, then, why not paint your own?" [...]