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Agave Holidays

Skiing angel copy

Every December I attempt to come up with a regionally appropriate photo for my holiday greeting cards. This one is my favorite. I was inspired by the way leaves of Agave americana “Medio-picta alba’ have a cream stripe that suggests a ski run. To keep the skiing angel firmly on leaf, I used a gumlike adhesive. Continue Reading →

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Dew Drops Dazzle

Dew on a puya(c)

Do you like my shot of dew on a puya? This is a flower worth seeking at Quail Botanical Gardens and at the Huntington. It’s hard to resist touching the sapphire-blue petals to make sure they’re not plastic. Tall (4-ft) bloom spikes emerge from a clump of leaf clusters that resemble spiny starfish. Each leaf is sharply serrated, which is probably why more people don’t grow Puya alpestris. Amazingly rabbits find it a delicacy. How do they do it? Jump-and-chew, jump-and-chew? Continue Reading →

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No more primroses, please!


Is there a plant in your garden that you once longed for and now wish you could get rid of?  Meet mine: Mexican evening primrose (Oenothera speciosa). Continue Reading →

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