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GGW Happenings and Tidbits for June 2009


As we start this month of June, in parts of the country, lawns, foliage and blooms are still lush and a symphony of color: while other areas of the country have already peaked and are dealing with soon-to-be-drought conditions. Yet, all of us gardeners thoughout the world continue to get our hands in the dirt just because we ‘have to’.

Just in case you didn’t notice, Debra Lee Baldwin, a respected author and photographer, has joined GGW’s roster of Regular Contributors. We are delighted to have her. She is one talented lady with a great sense of humor. You can now find her book, Designing With Succulents, at the GGW Bookstore.

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Picture This Photo Contest Winner

We’re thrilled at the tremendous response we’ve received for our first Picture This Photo Contest. Each of you have brought a unique element to this informal native plant gallery.  And as several of you told us, it has been both informational and alot of fun looking at your peers’ photos.

Our judge, Saxon Holt, has made the final decision for the winner plus a list of runner ups.  Here it is:

“Well, for this first time contest, with all of the kinks that needed to be ironed out,  we were amazed and gratified to receive so many fine entries.  It may be a cliché to say it was hard to pick one winner, but it was.  None-the-less, there is only one prize of the Agastache collection from High Country Gardens.

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Shrub border views

A recent post on photographer David Perry’s fine site A Photogapher’s Garden Blog challenges his readers to spend 15 minutes and take a garden photo from a window in their house.  Hmmm, I can waste 15 minutes . . .  grabbed my camera and opened the door of my studio.  Here is what I sent him:

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Addendum to GGW Design Workshop on Labeling And Record Keeping

braille-plant-sign-at-ta-university-botanical-garden-resizedAn addendum to Nan’s informative post for January’s GGW Design Workshop on Labeling and Record Keeping. When I was at the Tel Aviv University Botanical Gardens earlier this week, I noticed a few ways of labeling plants that I had never seen before.

The first one, in the herb garden, was braille plant labels. I had heard about them in my readings over the years but had never seen one. I was grabbed by their beauty and  thought that they added a certain emotional and esthetic quality to the garden.

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The Scoop on Dog Poop

sassey-molly-and-jacob-resizedI’m a sucker for practically any dog. I just love these four legged creatures. And being the owner of three dogs, I know the responsibility that goes along with ownership. Consequently, when I see owners (including my neighbors) allowing their dogs to  poop wherever they choose, I’m amazed at the rudeness of these folks. After all, how about some basic manners?

It has only been in the last couple of years that I’ve become aware that not picking up after our dogs is actually bad for the environment. It’s a well known practice and benefit for gardeners and farmers to use  animal manure to enrich soil. Because of this practice, perhaps it’s intuitive to think that dog waste is actually good for the environment.  So, let’s set the record straight now! Continue Reading →

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