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Chanticleer – A Tour With Dan Benarcik – Part 2

In the first video, Dan took us on a tour of the Entryway and Tea Cup Garden. In this video, before leaving the Tea Cup Garden, Dan shows us one more silver element, rosemary willow – Salix elaeagnous – a small tree or shrub. Dan cut it back hard this year to re-introduce light, heat,[...]

Gardens in Carmel, CA.

Carmel – A City Overflowing With Flowers

When friends heard that I was visiting Carmel for the first time, they couldn’t say enough about what a lovely, artistic town it is. What they forgot to tell me is that it is a city overflowing with flowers. As I wandered the streets ~ in front of and next to shops, as focal points in[...]

What's In Bloom October 2014

Six Tips on how to Maintain Vibrant Color in a Small Fall Garden

This October, vibrant color continues on my rooftop garden in the Mediterranean. For those of you who don’t know, I actually garden in teak and pine containers, built to give the appearance, as much as possible, of garden beds (necessity is the mother of invention). For the purpose of this article, I’ve chosen to focus[...]



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