Saxon Holt

webcrackedheadshot1Saxon is a landscape photographer who resides in Northern California and maintains the PhotoBotanic garden photography library  A professional photographer since his days as the photo editor of The Cavalier Daily newspaper at the University of Virginia, he spent 8 years as a commercial photographer in San Francisco.  He began photographing gardens in 1984 when he realized his love of gardening might provide a more rewarding outlet for his photography than ad layouts for wines and computers.

He has been the sole photographer for 21 garden books.  His most recent book, The American Meadow Garden received the  Gold Award from The Garden Writers Association, and his previous two books, Hardy Succulents with Gwen Kelaidis and Plants and Landscapes for Summer-Dry Climates  won double awards from both The American Horticulture Society and Garden Writers of America.

He also was the photographer of Grasses , with Nancy Ondra, and is currently working on The PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshops, a series e-books on garden photography from many of the lessons found here at Gardening Gone Wild.

His garden is a sustained mess,  and the occasional photo vignette.

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