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I have a passion for plants that drink responsibly. Not only are succulents beautiful to look at, they’re a great option for lazy gardeners (like me).

I garden on a half acre in the foothills of Southern CA, where temps range from below freezing to 110 degrees F. I grew up with succulents, have grown them for years, and as a garden photojournalist, author and consultant am aware of how top designers use them in landscapes and containers.

During the ’90s and into this century I covered homes, gardens, architecture and interior design for the San Diego Union-Tribune. I scout, write for and/or shoot for publications that include Sunset and Better Homes & Gardens. In 2005, my Sunset editor suggested I do a book on succulents.

Designing with Succulents came out in 2007 and spent 19 weeks on Amazon’s list of the Top Ten Bestselling Gardening Books. The sequel Succulent Container Gardens (2010) also is a bestseller. Succulents Simplified: The Complete Guide to Growing and Designing with 100 Easy-Care Varieties is a spring, 2013 Timber Press release.

Editors, reporters, bloggers, GWA members and designers: I’m happy to provide photos, plant IDs and anything else you might need for articles, clients, posts, etc. Please ask!


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