GGW Design Workshop Update

zinnia-big-red-swallowtail-aug-15-07This month, the GGW Design Workshop wrap-up post will appear on the 30th, instead of the 31st. And next month’s kick-off post will appear on April 3rd. Do be sure to check in here at Gardening Gone Wild on April 1st, though!

And a note to everyone who has left a link for March’s Wildlife in the Garden topic so far: I promise to visit each one of you soon, if I haven’t already. I truly appreciate you taking the time to share your posts with us.

About Nancy J. Ondra

Nan gardens on 4 acres in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In the firm belief that every garden ought to have a pretentious-sounding (or at least pretentious-looking) name, she refers to her home grounds as "Hayefield." There, she experiments with a wide variety of plants and planting styles, from cottage gardens and color-based borders to managed meadows, naturalistic plantings, and veggies--all under the watchful eyes of her two pet alpacas, Daniel and Duncan.

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One Response to GGW Design Workshop Update

  1. jodi (bloomingwriter) March 24, 2009 at 9:44 pm #

    I haven’t done this at all this month, not yet; I somehow got caught up in my real life and missed the initial post. Now I know what I can do later this week while waiting for the latest snowstorm to melt. Sigh….

    But the snow buntings are still here, so that’s my first wildlife offering…