Locus Flevum: A Modern Walled Dutch Garden

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Locus flavum garden in Holland -walkway-resized

It was the end of  a long day. After seeing 8 other gardens in less than 48 hours, with some long stretches of traveling time, I was ready to pack it in. Walking into a graveled courtyard with a minimalistically styled residence, an orangery with a garden shop, a narrow, rectangular pool,  surrounding light colored walls and large olive trees in sunken tubs, it was easy to imagine being[...]

The Soul of A Garden

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Haifa garden-stairway made of ceramic tile-resized

Although I’ve visited hundreds of gardens over the years, several of them more beautiful than words can express, it is rare when I leave one having experienced a kind of shiver, knowing that I have just witnessed something rare.

The Baha’i Gardens

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s Garden-aloes,aeoniums and bouganevillea-resized

The Baha’i Gardens in Israel, one in Haifa and the other in Akko, are a  reflection of the profound beauty of the Baha’i faith,  founded in nineteenth century Persia by Mirza Husaayn Ali Nuri, later known as BahaUllah. The Baha’i faith believes that religious history has been led by a series of divine messengers, each of whom[...]

The Pickle Barrel House Historic Iris Garden

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Unidentified iris – study name Austin Healey, named after the owner’s dog, who was named after the car [Note from Nan: We’re thrilled to welcome a new Guest Contributor today: Nancy McDonald. Nancy was Managing Editor of the much-missed American Cottage Gardener magazine, and she remains dedicated to cottage gardening and heirloom plants even through[...]