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Picture This – Winter Trees

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Our loyal readers know “Picture This” has been a popular Gardening Gone Wild photo contest over the years, where we invite professional garden photographers to pick a theme and hand out awards.  It has been a great way for readers to learn together and link their contest photo in their own blogs to the GGW community of garden photographers.

Well, the contest is a lot of work for us and our our guest photographers, so it needs to evolve.  Rather than simply discontinue the fun, it will run occasionally with our in-house professional garden photographer – me.  As I develop my e-book on garden photography I will post how-to lessons under the Picture This category, and invite anyone to post their own interpretation of the lesson on their own blog and link it to GGW, where I would urge each contestant to go and comment.

As a group each of the students will be able to learn from the collective critique and I will do my best to offer follow-up critique myself as time allows.  This is a bit of an experiment as I decide what works and how students learn. Continue Reading →

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The prairies of ……where?

OK, competition for you. Where is it?


Its prairie innit? So must be in the states, question is, which state?

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The Pyramids of Potsdam

Basking in sunshine, while England gets a drenching, I’m in Potsdam (just outside Berlin) for a very brief visit as I have been invited by a group of students at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology to do a lecture for a conference they have organized. Looking at the list of other lecturers, I am clearly here as the entertainment. More about this later.

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Draping Window Containers…Chanticleer!

In a recent post, I wrote about the veggie window containers at Chanticleer, designed by Jonathan Wright, and how they inspired me to plant up some on my rooftop garden in Israel.

Here are 4 photos shot a few days ago of the wall boxes, wall planters and veggies, the kitchen wall, and edible plants trailing up and down the wall of the kitchen courtyard.

For plant list in The Tea Cup Garden, which includes the containers, click on here.

All photos courtesy of Jonathan Wright.

Kitchen Wall
Kitchen Wall


JW Edible plants trail down and climb up the walls of the Kitchen Courtyard

Edible plants trail down and climb up the walls of the kitchen courtyard

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Photo Overwhelm

One of my first first lessons to students who take my garden photography workshops is about “seeing”.  If you don’t stop to think what you are seeing, what it is that excites you about a garden, then you will end up with a photo that will be little more than literally, a snapshot of time.  Let’s take this lesson to Chicago.Lurie garden in Milennium Park, Chicago

When you are in a fabulous garden you can start hyperventilating over beauty, not knowing where to start.  It happens to everyone.  It happened to me in the Lurie Garden in Chicago’s Millenium Park.

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