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Ready, Aim, Shoot!

Diagonal path with bench Aug 31 07 (2)

When you’re busy digging, weeding, and watering your summer garden, it’s easy to forget to take time to enjoy the fruits – and flowers – of your labors. So, the next time you’re out there, be sure to stop for a few minutes to sit and appreciate the beauty.

Ok, that was nice. Now, grab your camera and start taking pictures! It doesn’t have to be a magazine-worthy combination or a stunning close-up: you never know what might come in handy for a future blog post. To help you focus your photographic efforts, we’re giving you a rundown of the Garden Bloggers’ Design Workshop and Picture This Photo Contest themes that we’re considering for the upcoming year. Print out the lists, build up your photo archives now, and you’ll have plenty of images to pull from if you want to take part in either or both of our regular features during the off season. Continue Reading →

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GBDW – Designing with Bulbs Wrap-Up

Viburnum Onondaga Allium Mt. Everest Atriplex heucheras Verbascum thapsus May 26 06

Many thanks to those of you who peeled yourselves away from your garden to take part in this month’s Design Workshop. You’ve shared some great posts with how-to tips and inspiring ideas, just in time for those of us planning our fall bulb orders. Now, let’s get on to the links: Continue Reading →

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Garden Bloggers Design Workshop – Designing with Bulbs

Lilium Black Dragon Aug 2 08

Lilium 'Black Dragon'

It’s finally July, and time for a GBDW topic that I’ve been looking forward to for months: designing with bulbs. Thanks to Craig of Ellis Hollow for suggesting this month’s theme. The only problem is that there are so many ways to enjoy bulbs in the garden, it’s tough to know where to start! I found so many bulb photos in my archives that I decided to mostly let the plants speak for themselves. So, how do I love bulbs? Let me count the ways. Continue Reading →

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GBDW Front Yards Revisited Wrap-Up

Front garden August 12 08

I was a little hesitant to repeat a GBDW topic, thinking that you all might be bored with the subject of front-yard gardens. Well, how glad I am that I was wrong! Our contributors this month have outdone themselves in generously sharing ideas and inspiration with other folks looking to turn their own barren yards into welcoming spaces filled with flowers and foliage - and wildlife as well. Wow, those before-and-now shots are amazing! Continue Reading →

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Garden Bloggers Design Workshop – Front Yards Revisited


There are so many design-related topics to choose from, I hadn’t planned on repeating any for a good long time. But we consistently get so many visitors seeking ideas for their front yard or front garden, it seemed worthwhile to revisit the subject. Our last front-yard workshop was over a year ago, after all, and we have many new readers and participants now. So, let’s see if we can help out all those folks who need some inspiring ideas to make the most of that often challenging site. Continue Reading →

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