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Q and A with Noel Kingsbury

Noel Kingsbury portrait-resized

If you have more than a few gardening books on your shelf, it’s likely that at least one of them has been authored by Noel Kingsbury. Noel, our Q and A subject for September, is a prolific author, garden designer and consultant, and communicator, as well as an Associate in the Department of Landscape at The University of Sheffield. To learn more about Noel, check out his website and his blog. You won’t be disappointed. We’re thrilled that he is participating in this month’s Q and A. 

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Take Ten: Q and A with Ron Vanderhoff

RonVanderhoff3[1].jpg-resizedWe’re delighted that Ron Vanderhoff is our Take Ten: Q and A personality this month. Ron is a lifelong Southern California gardener and professional horticulturist. For thirty years, he has been a leader in the local gardening community, as an educator, writer, lecturer, innovator and business leader; and for the past ten years as the nursery manager at Roger’s Gardens. His personal interests include climate-appropriate gardens, gardening education and environmental stewardship. He is an expert plantsman and an avid plant collector.

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Luther Burbank’s Garden


Luther Burbank (1849-1926) sent this to my grandmother, an elementary schoolteacher who had her class write letters to the famed horticulturist. Burbank, though childless, enjoyed children—something I learned recently while touring his historic home and gardens in Santa Rosa, CA. Continue Reading →

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Take Ten: Q and A with Panayoti Kelaidis

P_in_Agastache[1].bmp-Panayoti Kelaidis with agastache-resizedWe’re delighted that Panayoti  Kelaidis, the Senior Curator and Director of Outreach at Denver Botanic Gardens, is the interviewee for this month’s Take Ten: Q and A. Panayoti has been an enthusiastic gardener since the age of 8 and has worked at Denver Botanic Gardens for the last 29 years. His great loves are alpine plants, trees, ferns, cacti, bulbs, xeric plants of all kinds, and yes, vegetables and fruits.  Basically, Panayoti told us, he loves everything with chlorophyll.

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Take 10: Q & A with Chris Woods

cw_in_the_gardenChris Woods worked at  Chanticleer for several years where he took it from being a private garden to an exuberant public ‘pleasure garden’.  Because of Chris’ vision coupled with the ability to execute it flawlessly, Chanticleer has become recognized as a world class garden. After several years as Executive Director there, Chris moved to California to take on some new horticultural challenges. He is now Executive Director of Mendocino Botanical Coast Garden where he once again is unleashing his talent on this unique garden situated on the Pacific Ocean.

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