Highlights of the NW Flower & Garden Show…Plus Shopping!

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Wet bouquet

I recently travelled to the second largest flower and garden show in the US, in Seattle, to give two presentations. Here’s what I enjoyed  most—a subjective collection, to be sure, and one dependent on the capabilities of my iPhone’s camera. Even so, 25 photos is more than double the number I usually show in a[...]

Give A Flower, Get A Smile

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Give  a  flower -120213 007.jpg - resized- almost full length.jpg - 640x469

 In a society that feels more isolated and lost than ever before, we relentlessly continue to stuff ourselves with junk food – materialism. Hoping that buying things will make us happy. They never do. Give A Flower, Get A Smile Think about how different our world would be if more of us focused on the[...]

Probing Beauty

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Garden photographers look to capture beauty with a camera.  Poets use words. My friend, the poet and occasional garden writer, Hazel White recently led a hike as part of her artist in residence program at the Headlands Center for the Arts where she seeks to “create a series of site-responsive sonnets, each of which is 14[...]

Why You Garden

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Why You Garden

“Sometimes we need others to remind us that much of what we desire is, in fact, possible; all we need to do is dig down into our courage, embrace the unknown, and invite our creative minds out to play. It is then that we can access our infinite possibility and grow into the fullest expression[...]