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From Here To There

I’m thrilled to have Rebecca Sweet writing a guest post for GGW. She is a highly regarded garden designer, a respected blogger, and co-author of a wildly popular book on vertical gardening, Garden Up.  Besides all of these accomplishments,   Rebecca is what I think of as  a ‘soulful gardener’.  Read this article and you’ll understand why.  Fran Sorin

Photo1 - Path

A group of us garden designers recently blogged on the topic getting from here to there. Most wrote about gates, stairs, pathways and the like. But since, I’ve thought about how the phrase might represent a different kind of gardener’s journey: mentally getting from one place to another.

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Gardening On My Rooftop….6 Months Later

I originally wrote about Starting Over in the context of creating a new rooftop garden this past spring in Tel Aviv. At that time, I had a few containers, views of others rooftops, some pretty hefty rain storms, and a desire to design a private haven.

Photos on March 10, 2011 017

Photos on March 10, 2011 012

Back then, I promised that I would keep you posted on the garden’s progress.

Now I understand why most folks with terraces in Israel have a limited amount of containers; and practically all have irrigation systems. When I mentioned my watering dilemma, Pam of Digging, who is  a seasoned Texas gardener (and magnificent photographer and landscape designer), suggested that I use succulents and a drip irrigation system. Well, no one has ever said that common sense is one of my strongest character traits. I watered those frigging containers  every morning before the sun was in ‘full shine”over my rooftop for most of the day. Pam, you were 100% correct. Never again will I hand water! Drip irrigation is next on my list of things to do.

Rooftop Garden on 80611 001

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Dogs and Gardens …… And Mental Health

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A few weeks ago, Dogs Provide Owners Greater Mental Well-Being, an article in the Living Section of The Wall Street Journal, caught my attention.

Although the majority of dog owners would agree that they love their dog without a blink of the eye, I’ve heard non-believers say everything from ‘Why would you want a dog….they’re such a responsibility and make a mess’ to ‘Well, I guess they’re’ worth it if you have kids.’

vertical pictures of dogs

A new study has come to the conclusion that dogs do have a positive impact on  their owners.

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2 Outstanding FloweringTrees at Hidden City Garden

Written by Harry Pierik

I’m always delighted to receive a post from Harry on the seasonal changes in his HIdden City Garden. In this article, he ‘wows’ us with  2 magnificent spring flowering trees …Davidia involucrata and Cornus nutallii.

To read Harry’s last post about his garden in early spring, click on here. Check out  Harry’s website to learn more about his garden, design work, and recently published book.  Fran Sorin

“In this article I would like to show you two prominent spring bloomers that grace my hidden city garden. They both stand out because of their bright white bracts, with which they lure insects to their much more inconspicuous flowers.


Cornus nuttallii’s white flowers are beautifully highlighted against the surrounding shrubs and trees.

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Lily Gluttony

I got “the look” tonight. It was delivered by the lady who walks here somethingorother-poo and it’s given to all of us who have too many lilies in life. You know “the look.” It combines a stare of disbelief, a roll of the eyes, a covetous sigh, and the growl of sheer, unabashed envy (the growl might have come from the dog). For a few fleeting minutes, I felt a whole lot like Marie Antoinette. But then I got over it.  And I fell back into wallowing in my lilies, the hell with the fact that the rest of the world was drooling. Let them eat hemerocallis.

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