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Why Accepting The Rhythm of Nature Can Bring Joy To Your Life

Gardeners strive for beauty.

We work endless hours, season after season, and year after year. Designing, planting, and tending to our gardens. With the  hope that we can capture some moments of perfection.

Moments where we sigh and experience a sense of ‘something other’ than our regular state of being.

Where the exquisiteness overwhelms us.

purple pink roses up close-53106

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Leaf Quiz

A couple weeks ago, on November 19, I photographed 9 plants in my garden that had orange fall foliage.  Nine; one day; orange (not the yellows, not reds or greens); in my garden.  I was thrilled.  After years of planning my garden for fall color, I needed to get to work with my camera.

I decided to make a very special composite photograph of all nine leaves silhouetted on white background.  I’ll take you through the rather involved process, but for those who are the real plant nuts, we will have a quiz.  Can you identify all nine ?  As correct guesses come in, I will let you know which are correct and you can add additional comments.

The first to get all nine will get an original 12×18 signed print of one with all the silhouettes at the bottom of the post.  It is a limited edition of 10.  This first composite is nice but not so hard to do: Continue Reading →

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Little Front garden of Villa Landwijk

Written by Harry Pierik

It’s always a treat to receive Harry’seasonal  post and photos. They are a feast for the eyes. For more information on Harry, check out his website. Fran Sorin

In this post, I want to introduce another garden I designed.


Flower field right on busy shopping street.

Barely a hundred meters from my hidden city garden, in the direction of the city centre, you can find the colourful front garden (of approximately 40 square metres) of Villa Landwijk, which I designed in 2008.

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How To Know When Not To Buy A Plant You Love

I fell in love with chasmanthium the first time I saw it.

October 2005 top level from a distance


October 2005 pictures in garden 039

It’s a 3 foot tall, green perennial grass that emerges in the spring. During the fall, with its yellow- orange color and a backlit sun in late afternoon, it’s a star of the garden. It’s like a prairie setting in a movie, swaying with the slightest breeze.

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How To Re-ignite Your Passion In The Garden

Gardeners are perfectionists. We give ourselves high marks for weed free, mulched, pruned, and manicured gardens.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love to flip through the pages of a glossy magazine gazing at magnificently coiffed gardens as much as anyone.  Who doesn’t?


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