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Spring into Summer

This flower arrangement, picked from our garden somehow encapsulates the place. We had Daniela Coray staying, who used to be a florist, hence the arrangement.

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5 Ways To Know If You’re A Spontaneous, Uncontrollable Plantaholic

After 2 years of experimenting, researching, and trying to find someone who could help implement my ideas, i FINALLY finished and planted the first phase of my front garden.

Any of you who have been following my garden making in Israel know that I am someone who can live with ambivalence. Not rushing to decision allows me to meander and play with new ideas.

April 17, 2011-front rooftop 001

I tried a container garden (and hand watering) last summer. I knew it had to go. I desperately wanted to have a garden where I could sink my hands into the dirt, push the soil around, and have dirty fingernails.

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Fill the Frame – Tripods

“Why, when stabilization is built into many cameras and lenses, is a tripod so important ?” asked a student at a recent workshop.

I always ask my students to bring tripods to our photography workshops and stabilization is not the main reason.  It is true that a good tripod will provide a rock solid, steady platform for a tack sharp image, but it is even more important as a composition tool. Continue Reading →

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How To Have Faith That Spring’s Coming While Trudging In A Foot Of Snow: 7 Tips

I feel like I’ve been living on Noah’s Ark for the past few weeks. Non stop thrashing pellets of rain. And sand storms.


This has been one of the rainiest records on history for Israel. For a country that gets only 8” of rain a year, this is good news. Up to a certain point.

Because last year was so warm, I decided to get some sunflower and amaranth seeds sown early. A few dozen amaranths bloomed until a cold snap hit. The sunflowers germinated and in spite of the weather continued to add some girth and height.

I felt like I was seeing a sunflower for the first time when one bloomed. A glorious work of art that would make Michelangelo proud.  Bold, welcoming, and optimistic.


For a few days it got a lot of attention. From the birds, visitors, and me. I hovered over it like a mother cub protecting her newborn.

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Garden on a windowsill

The January to March period in Britain is pretty dreary, its the dark getting you down as much as anything. Flowers growing on windowsills can make such a difference, and given my growing interest in bulbs, there is huge scope for making the most of light windowsills. We’ve got a nice long south-facing one in the kitchen which is ideal. The classic one is the hyacinth which we always get started in September to try to get them to flower for Christmas. Well, not managed that yet, but some started performing in January. The scent is fantastic and they last for weeks; and there are some good new colors too, like dark purples. Continue Reading →

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