Saxon Holt

Picture This – Best of 2014


  We have restarted the popular ‘Picture This’ photo contest in the dead of winter to give you a chance to look back at a whole year of photos.  Get your files organized.  And, oh yeah, by the way it gives me a chance to show off my new eBook and give one away for[...]

I Have Faith

Leonardo da Vinci, The Virgin of the Rocks - Angel detail

Republishing this post from last Christmas Eve. To be a gardener, you must have faith.  You must believe you can coax life to bend to your will.  You are a god. This is a spiritual time of year, and a time to renew faith in God.  Whether a personal god, the pagan gods, or a[...]

Making an Art Print


It is such a relief, a release really, when I can stop my crazy production schedule and create something new.  Too much of what I seem to be doing these days is looking back at old work as I put the final touches on The PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshops.  My next post will be the[...]

The Summer-Dry Garden


I live in California.  In summer I can plan a camping trip and never worry about rain.  I don’t worry about my roses getting beat up in a storm and veggies love all day sun. But I need to irrigate all summer; and so does every farm and every garden – all summer.  It doesn’t rain.[...]