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Picture This – Photo Deadline Approaching

Good Garden Photography

For all you garden bloggers who are waiting until the last minute to enter our photo contest, now is the last minute.  First prize is my new eBook: As announced in my last post we are reviving the Picture This contest and the theme is Best of 2014.  Go through any photos from last year,[...]

Picture This – Best of 2014


  We have restarted the popular ‘Picture This’ photo contest in the dead of winter to give you a chance to look back at a whole year of photos.  Get your files organized.  And, oh yeah, by the way it gives me a chance to show off my new eBook and give one away for[...]

I Have Faith

Leonardo da Vinci, The Virgin of the Rocks - Angel detail

Republishing this post from last Christmas Eve. To be a gardener, you must have faith.  You must believe you can coax life to bend to your will.  You are a god. This is a spiritual time of year, and a time to renew faith in God.  Whether a personal god, the pagan gods, or a[...]

Making an Art Print


It is such a relief, a release really, when I can stop my crazy production schedule and create something new.  Too much of what I seem to be doing these days is looking back at old work as I put the final touches on The PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshops.  My next post will be the[...]