Saxon Holt

Harsh Winter for Summer-Dry Gardens

Winter landscape in a Summer-Dry Climate

All winter, the headlines have been dominated by the harsh winter weather throughout the East.  In New England snowfall has been measured by feet instead of inches, the nations’ capitol was shut down, freezing weather made its way into the deep South. Easterners longed for the sunny, dry, unseasonably warm weather in California, which is[...]

Winter ? Not in a Garden Book


One of the great joys of being a garden photographer is the constant requests for beautiful garden pictures.  I never have to acknowledge winter.  While there certainly is beauty in winter, almost everyone wants to see gardens at their peak. Just yesterday, a client asked for an oversize photo to fill the back of a trade[...]

Picture This Winners- Best of 2014

Photo entry for Gardening Gone Wild Picture This contest - Best of 2014

And the winner is …. Gardening Gone Wild, because we get to host this bit of fun and bring all these photos together.  The loser is me for being forced to limit the winners.  But I expected that, I have judged enough of these to know it is a tough call, and know most of[...]

Picture This – Photo Deadline Approaching

Good Garden Photography

For all you garden bloggers who are waiting until the last minute to enter our photo contest, now is the last minute.  First prize is my new eBook: As announced in my last post we are reviving the Picture This contest and the theme is Best of 2014.  Go through any photos from last year,[...]