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The Wonders of the Winter Landscape

[A note from Nan: We welcome a new Guest Contributor here at GGW: Vincent A. Simeone. Vinnie is is a professional horticulturist and lecturer who has written four gardening books published by Ball: Great Flowering Landscape Shrubs (2005), Great Flowering Landscape Trees (2006), Great Landscape Evergreens (2007) and Wonders of the Winter Landscape (2005). He's also the Director of Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park in Oyster Bay, NY. You can check out his web site here.]

In 2005 I wrote a gardening book entitled Wonders of the Winter Landscape. At the time many people, professionals and hobbyists alike admitted to me that they had never really given much thought to the garden in winter. But for many years I have had a great admiration for the winter season and its mysterious and breathtaking qualities. I think even as gardeners, we sometimes need to be reminded that we do have the benefit of four distinct seasons in the northeast and many other parts of the US and winter is undoubtedly the most unique. It certainly is my favorite time to enjoy the bare bones of the garden, the bright, glowing fruit of a shrub or the interesting texture and color of bark of trees and shrubs. Continue Reading →

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