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People + Plants = Flower Show

[Note from Nan: We're delighted to have Rob Cardillo join us as a guest contributor here at Gardening Gone Wild. Even if you don't know him by name, you've likely admired his photography in countless garden books and magazines. You can also see his work on his web site, Rob Cardillo Photography, and his blog, Little Green Pixels.]

rcp_090306_5222I’m a sucker for the Philadelphia Flower Show and usually make the trek several times during its weekly stay at the Convention Center. But the more I go, the less interested I am in the large central displays where thousands of forced annuals, perennials and woodies are stuffed into fantasy structures. These main attractions are fine examples of stage crafting and this year’s Bella Italia theme found opera singers perched on fabricated palazzos and a gondola filled with roses. All lots of fun for the 250K visitors but my real love has become the Horticourt. Continue Reading →

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